Friday 16 December 2011

Picture frames filled with Cheer!

Hanging empty picture frames on the wall is something that you have probably seen before in decorating magazines.  I have a friend who has empty frames in her house with dried flowers hanging upside down within them and I always thought of how unusually beautfiul this looked, but I don't think I ever told her - Yes Sheri, I mean you!


This type of wall art can be used for a refreshingly different festive focal point over the holidays by displaying christmas ornaments within the frame.  If you choose to do this in your own home I would suggest doing it in one or two places maximum.   When you repeat something different more than a couple of times, it loses it's effect of being 'interesting' - a bit like the 'focal point wall' that I have often seen repeated in every room of a home.   

Creative and Casual

Ribbons add extra colour
Depending on the look you want there is more than one option for displaying your ornaments.  Hang balls from ribbons if you wish to add more colour and softness to your wall art.  Alternatively, if you would like the ornaments to look as though they are 'floating' opt for fine fishing line instead.

Vary shapes, sizes and colours
Be careful not to overcrowd items within the frame and allow for 'negative space' which gives your artwork room to breathe.  The size of the frame and the impression you want to convey will determine how you display the ornaments within the empty frame.

Don't overcomplicate things, these single ornaments in small frames are cute too
Another idea for hoilday decor is to wrap frames or pictures to look like Christmas gifts.  These can either be hung or leaned up against a wall on the floor, shelf or mantle.

This blank canvas of a white wall comes to life with red presents with green ribbon.
In the photo above, repeating the red and green with other elements in this vignette really brings it all together.  If it were just the pictures alone that added the pops of colour, there would be no balance.

I hope you are enjoying my 'Top Ten Home Decor Ideas for Christmas' and I would love to hear what you have done in your own home this holiday season.  I understand Christmas is less than 10 days away now and you have most likely finished your decorating and are busy getting ready to entertain family and friends. 

However, if you are doing some last minute decorating over the holidays there are still a few tips on the way.  Next post will be about a new way to use Garland on your stairs, something out of the ordinary that I had never seen before last year!

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