Wednesday 14 December 2011

Candles for Christmas

Candles are one of the best and cost effective ways of adding ambiance to a room.  Flameless candles are a safe choice, however the soft glow of a true golden flame provides a warmth and cosy feeling like no other.  Here are a few of my favourite candles displayed so effortlessly and beautifully.

I recently attended a 'One Stop Shop Event' and a representative from Party Lite had this sweet village on display

Party Lite have some great ideas for holiday decor.  You can visit their website and place an order by clicking here.  The representative I met with was Randi, if you wish to order something you can e-mail her at:

Some garden stores sell birch bark that has peeled off the branches.  You could always purchase your candles and birch bark separtaely and make them yourself.

These are easy enough to make and look quite elegant.
Add candles to a table scape, place some on top of your mantle or adorn your dinner table with them to set the right kind of mood. On their own or dressed up, no matter how you choose to incorporate candles into your display they are always in style.

What could be more simple or warm than this?
There are many ways you can add some sparkle and warmth to the atmosphere in your home this Christmas simply by using candles.  Scented candles are always great for bringing back memories of childhood with scents such as gingerbread, cinnamon or pumpkin spice. 

I don't recommend this guy as a centrepiece for your dining room table this year, but he was worth a laugh.  Hey, this time of year can get pretty hectic, don't forget to smile and take it easy!

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