Monday 19 December 2011

Garland on the Stairs with a twist!

The traditional way of decorating stair railings and spindles with garland is a timeless and beautiful way to adorn entryways and grand staircases.  By adding lighting, bows and other decorative ornaments to the garland you provide extra sparkle and fun.

I love how the garland is casually making its way to the floor

Last year while I was at my friend and fellow Interior Decorator Maria's house, she had come up with something a little bit different.  The idea was nothing new - place garland on the stairs, however she did just that - placed it on the stairs.  Maria (Kuna Tile and Interiors) wrapped the garland around the spindles at the bottom of each stair and decorated it in a stunning manner.  This year I asked her if she was going to do it again as I wanted to take some pictures to share with my ~delicious decor~ readers.

So much time and effort goes into this to make it a striking and fabulous display
Many ornaments are used and positioned carefully to get the right balance

I managed to find some other photographs on line of utilising garland in this way.

As this garland is more lush there are only white doves with long fluffy tails to add drama

The picture below comes up a little flat for me but it might be due to the fact that the rest of the decor is not as polished as the the others.   It is important to ensure you use the correct type and size of garland that reflects your homes' style to make a lasting impression. The second picture below is very simple but it works well and looks quietly pretty in this country styled setting.

Personally I would lose the stringed beads, they look a little 'skimpy' & the yellow lamp is throwing me off.
This photo brilliantly shows how bigger doesn't always mean better
I don't have a grand staircase in my home, but I can totally  appreciate these festive decorations and only wish I had one myself to dress up at this time of year.  However, as I don't I will have to visit my friend Maria more often so I can admire hers.  Cheers Maria for being the inspiration for one of my Top Ten Home Decor Ideas for Christmas!

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