Saturday 10 December 2011

Fill Jars with Christmas!

Glass vases, mason jars and apothecary jars can be filled with Christmas inspired items to ingest a festive flare into your homes' decor.  What I love about this idea is that the items you choose are only limited to your imagination.  In other words,  almost anything  can be used as long as the scale of the accessories displayed are suitable to the size of the jars you are filling.  

For the look of snow sprinkled on a table top, you can purchase snow making kits from your local craft store.
Items such as pine cones, branches or stones can be displayed in their natural state or be spray painted to match with your colour scheme. The look of snow can be easily achieved in a few different ways depending on where you want to use it.  Table salt, sugar, chunky sea salt, and sand can have a dual purpose - not only can they be used to create the look of snow, but they are also a great base for holding items in place - such as sparkly ting, branches or florals. 

The antique lamp crystals were pieces I had 'hanging around' and added a nice touch of bling.

These are 3 jars I filled with Christmas to match the decor in my home office incorporating red, gold and white.  I chose the glass vases from a second hand store, each one varying in shape and size. The items used to fill the jars range from sugar to sand, cotton balls, Christmas ornaments and tiny gold shimmery beads - all found at the dollar store.  The fluffy flower in the glass vase on the right is from Bouclair (not my favourite store but occasionally there are some good finds) and added a softer texture to offset some of the sparkle.   With the exception of the antique crystals, this vignette was reasonable in price costing approximately $20 in total.  I'd say that was pretty fair!

My close friend & fellow decorator Maria used a glass vase & jar as part of a vignette on her fireplace. 
In the photo above Maria purposely placed garland in with the decorative Christmas balls - this not only adds another layer and 'fills' the jar but by strategically placing the greenery around the balls she made sure you would not see the knobbly ends where the hook would normally go.  I especially love how she also incorporated another one of my top ten home decor ideas for Christmas with the wrapped pressies!

Red and White, simple yet effective.
Decorative items don't have to be too costly or complicated.  Be sure to have some sort of common theme or colour scheme in mind so the vases or jars relate to one another.  Colourful sweets or even candy canes standing tall will look fantastic and really brings to life the meaning of ~delicious decor~.

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