Sunday 2 October 2011

Stunning Table Tops you have to see to believe

I've just returned from the first ever 'Table Tops for All Occassions' and already can't wait for it to happen again next year!  This fabulous event was presented by May Court Club of Oakville and allowed local designers, florists and store owners to showcase a themed table scape of their choice.  The tables were absolutely gorgeous with plenty of originality and style.

Fresh & Fancy Catered Events Inc.& Lilium-Purveyor of Fine Flowers pair up to form this delicate table setting 
This table was called 'Garden Inspired Bridal Shower' and was decorated with of a soft, colourful and alluring palette.  Special attention to detail and various textures adds to the fresh and graceful setting, suitable for any bride to be and her guests.

'Alfresco Elegance'
You had to be there to appreciate just how much work and creativity went into this gorgeous presentation
Set under a spectacular rustic pergola, this elegant design is reminiscent of something from an enchanted fairytale.  Interior and Exterior design team Rick and Anne Vernon of Rooms n' Blooms created a magical setting that would tempt anybody to enter the forbidden forest.

'Jack and the Pumpkin King'
Tim Burton eat your heart out!
  In this well thought out table scape, designer Cynthia Taylor-Luce imagines Jack at a laden table awaiting the arrival of his soul mate Sally.  I was hoping to sit and dine with Jack myself! For other 'spooky' ideas for decorating, click here to read my post about Halloween decor.

'Contemporary Dining in Traditional Grandeur'
Forget me Not Flowers -  The words I choose to describe this vignette are  'Theatrical' and 'Stunning'

'Afternoon Tea'

My friend Lisa Barsony from My Back Shed sets the table for 'Afternoon Tea' for ladies who like to gossip and enjoy fine tea.  The truly feminine & timeless beauty of Shabby Chic decor is always in style.

Some more photos of the event:

Enchanted Decor

Zest for Living

Tocca Finita

As if viewing these impressive tables weren't enough, there was also an opportunity to register for creative and informative workshops on many different aspects of design.  I managed to attend 3 seminars in the afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed each one.  Sheridan Nurseries demonstrated how to create beautiful fall containers to display on your front porch or back patio.

 By angling the kale slightly it drapes over the edge of the planter which makes it easier to see. Adding layers at different heights make arrangements fuller and more interesting.

I was amazed at how quick and effortless these were to put together.  If you are going to make one of your own, keep in mind what your backdrop will be when choosing plants and colours.  You can keep the scheme all to one colour or add different hues to create contrast.

Here the lady used the pumpkins and intertwined them into a wreath with Hydrangeas

Another great idea I learned about was how to use a small pumpkin or gourd and place it in your planter during the fall season.  Cut a piece of sturdy bamboo on an angle and then pierce it into the bottom of the vegetable just enough so it doesn't fall off.  Stand it in your display and it will remain in place because its' skewered onto the bamboo.  Clever!

From what I understand, there is already talks about having another 'Table Tops' next year, so hopefully we will see this event annually.  I will be sure to let you know as soon as I do so you can mark it on your calendar for 2012.  Thanks to everyone who particiapted in this event and for the May Court Club of Oakville for making it all possible.  I think your efforts paid off and everyone who attended was sure to walk away inspired in one way or another.

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