Thursday 29 September 2011

Be inspired by International Designer Larry Laslo

I recenlty had the pleasure of seeing Larry Laslo speak at a Design Show here in Burlington.  Larry Laslo is a world renowned interior and product designer.  His work has been showcased in many magazines such as Architectural Digest, Town and Country, Vogue and many more.

Originally an Art Director creating illustrations for Vogue, Harper's Bazarre, New York Times (just to name a few), Larry has also become famous for his Interior Design of famous Fifth Avenue Shops in New York.  He has his own line of fabrics with Robert Allen which are romantic, bold and on the cutting edge of design.

Robert Allen designs by Larry Laslo

The fabric on this chair is stunning!  Turquoise and brown are one of my favourite colour combinations.  The raised flocking is soft to the touch and offers great texture and shimmer as well.  This fantastic occassional chair would not go unoticed and adds luxury to any room.  

Larry Laslo design

 At Kips Bay showhouse in New York (above) Larry said that the chandelier cost over $90,000 and that DID NOT include the shades!

Exquisite Design by Larry Laslo

These large leafy arrangements have been made very popular, thanks to Larry incorporating them often into his designs.  This simple use of  these giant leaves are affordable and add great life, sophistication and colour to any room.

Larry Laslo's living room in NYC

 Larry is such a great speaker, with his vast experience and passion for design he really grabs the attention of his audience and leaves you longing for more. He also has a fantastic sense of humour and is very charming. He joked that when he gets bored of the floor to ceiling cashmere draperies (above) he can cut them up and use them as scarves. I like that you are  thinking about Upcycling Larry!

Soft Monochromatic Colour Scheme that makes a bold statement
He uses the word 'Conviction' often & says we must believe in ourselves & our ideas as creative people.

'This is me in my garden standing next to a fertility symbol...why I used a fertility symbol, I don't know. It's not like I need it!' Larry Laslo

I feel very honoured to have seen Larry and hear him speak.  I highly recommend viewing more of his work on line or in magazines if you get an opportunity to do so.   He is a great inspiration to anyone with a passion for art and design.


  1. Great Commentary on one of my favourite Designers, Larry Laslo!

  2. Thanks Debra. I have looked up some of his other work and he really is so talented. I just loved hearing him speak, no wonder he is one of your favourites!