Thursday 6 October 2011

To Stage or Not to Stage?

If you are considering selling your home, have you also considered hiring a staging professional?   The question of whether to hire a Home Staging service should be one of the first things your Realtor discusses with you before listing your house on the market.  Why, you may ask?  Is it really worth the extra money, time & effort?  I believe (and research has shown) the answer to be YES.

Home Staging is a decorating service that assists you in selling your home quickly for the best possible price.  Today we live in a society where we want things done yesterday and don't like to wait.  Because of this you want potential buyers to walk into your house and really feel like it could already be theirs and all they have to do is move in! 

By hiring a professional to stage your home, they can create a clutter free, well put together and clean look that appeals to a wide variety of people looking to buy a house.

This is not showing how much space there is, it's making people wonder if there is any space?

I recently did a home staging consultation for a couple who has had their home on the market for 3 months and not received any offers.  They had freshly painted many of the rooms and got rid of some clutter to try to make the house more appealing to buyers. 

The problem was that the colours they had chosen to paint the living room and bedrooms were way too dark and the kitchen was such a bright yellow that the white cabinets were glowing.  Although they did hire a storage unit and remove some of the clutter from the home, closets were overflowing and there was little organisation.   For all of their hard work they had not achieved the result required to sell the home successfully and quickly. 

Aaah, neat & tidy with everything in its place

I read a statistic somewhere (don't quote me on it, but I believe it to be true) that you will spend less money on Staging your home for re-sale than what your first decrease in list price will be. 
For example, if you put your home on the market for $499, 999 and after a while you drop it to  $479, 999 you either had it listed too high in the first place or lost a possible $20,000 because it didn't show very well.  Whereas if you hired a staging professional in the begining, your cost to do so would have been significantly less.  By getting professional advice you will have a better chance at selling your home more quickly and for the best price.

In this Home Staging consultation my client had some great pieces to work with.  I  re-arranged the furniture and accessories she already had in her living room to make it look more 'put together'.  She was very pleased with the ideas I came up with and said 'Why hadn't I thought of that for when I lived here?"  

So how much does it cost to stage a house?  I cannot give you a definitive price as there are many variables to consider.  I can tell you that  having a consultation and someone with 'fresh eyes' to view your space would be worth every penny.  In the long run it could be saving you a lot of money and a lot of aggravation.  Selling a home is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, but it doesn't have to be completely painful if you get the right advice from the start.

If you or someone you know is thinking of moving and are interested in getting advice on Home Staging I would be happy to help.  Don't hesitate to call me at 905-599-2588 or e-mail me for further information:

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