Thursday 27 October 2011

Check out my new piece of furniture!

I wanted to show you a new (but actually old) piece of furniture I recently picked up for myself.  We are currently renovating our basement and I needed a large piece of furniture for the dining area and this fit the bill perfectly! Click here to see what it looks like now it's been painted.

This is my new buffet that is now at Paint It Like New being sanded and re-painted.  Just look at the detail! 

This sideboard will be great storage for items used mainly when entertaining - extra glasses, cutlery, serviettes etc. It will also house our playing cards, cribbage board, darts and other games played with friends and family. 

Although my decor style is mainly transitional-modern pieces, I have been wanting to add some antique items to create more of an eclectic mix for a long time now.  It goes without saying that I will also need to incorporate a few other items of this style so this buffet doesn't look like the 'elephant in the room'.  Click here to see it's transformation.

I have chosen to paint it Barnboard CC572 by Benjamin Moore in the Advance pearl finish.  This will give just enough sheen without making it appear too glossy.  I will have to allow approximately 3 weeks for the paint to cure once it's been applied.  In the past I have made the mistake of getting so excited to place a piece of furniture in a room and add accessories only to find when I later go to move an accessory, it sticks and leaves a mark.  Learn from my mistake and be patient!

Now, don't scroll down just yet!!  For a minute, use your imagination to think how this table could look painted in a different colour.   I love 'before' and 'after' shots, and I hope you'll like this one because it's a beauty! 

I picked up this pedestal table for 'Upcycle Furnishings!' of Paint It Like New. This pine table top was quite beaten up, however I knew it had potential.  A pedestal table never goes out of fashion - a bit like the little black dress one must keep in her closet for any occasion.  See the picture below for the little black table awaiting delivery to it's new home.

Amazing transformation.  Money well spent.

If you wish you had a table just like this, there is still time. Upcycle Furnishings! has another one just waiting to be painted the colour of your choice. It has a unique design to the pedestal and also comes with a leaf to extend the table.  Click on the link above to view this and many other fab finds.

Just imagine the possibilities!  How classy does this look?

It's important to see beyond what 'is' and imagine what 'could be' when dealing with used furnishings.  I understand that sometimes it may be hard to visualise the beauty of a piece that has seen better days, but do your best to try because for the most part it will be worth it in the end.

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