Sunday 30 October 2011

What everyone should know before Renovating

Prior to commencing any renovation project there are several things to consider while you still have the time and ability to do so.  If you are framing, insulating and drywalling, it is before this work is done that you want to think about the layout for the room.  By paying attention to the details from the start you will know where to place electrical components such as outlets, pot lights, light switches, light fixtures, phone jacks, tv cables etc.

Stair lighting is a nice added detail.

If you are installing built ins think about what you want to place on the shelves.  If there is an opportunity to showcase decorative accessories, add over head or under mount lighting to really emphasise these items.  The design of a room may be such that there are unsightly structural elements that cannot be covered up, however by highlighting other objects in a room you shift the focal point to a more aesthetically pleasing area.  

  These appliances blend in seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry and the lighting is soft.
The design and decor show this space more as a living room rather than an in law suite with a kitchen.

I recently consulted with a couple who purchased a new house that will be ready in summer 2012. Often builders advise how many electrical, cable and telephone outlets they provide and let you decide where to place them.  These decisions should be thought out with much care and consideration.  We discussed location and size of elements like windows, doors, solid walls, half walls, vents and pillars which are all huge factors in determining where furnishings can be placed and therefore where outlets should be installed.

The family room in this floor plan has little in the way of solid walls and the dining room has no window. These are both key points to think about when deciding on furniture placement and lighting.

Always take into account where to place the larger furnishings in a room first.  For example, in the family room look at your options of where to put the couch.  If a couch has to sit in the middle of a room due to the lack of solid walls, placing a sofa table behind it with accessories softens the look so you are not looking at the back of a couch when entering a room.

This sofa table is doing double duty as a desk and gives a cohesive look.

In bedrooms the foot of the bed should ideally be facing the entryway, although it isn't always possible when dealing with the structure of a buildings' design.  There are times that you can go against the norm, its just knowing when and how to decorate successfully when breaking the rules.

In this Traditional styled bedroom rules are thrown out the window, because that's where the fabulous view is!
 I believe the investment for a consultation of this type of advice is value for money.  If you are purchasing a new home the builders should have their own Interior Designer to assist you with these kinds of decisions.  However, if you would like to make sure you have ticked all the boxes please contact me for a second opinion.  Your better off doing it right the first time and save yourself disappointment, future renovations and most importantly, money.  

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