Monday 12 September 2011

Where to start?

No matter what the task, starting something new can be a daunting experience if you are not sure where to begin.  Whether it is a decorating project, pursuing a new career or making any change to your lifestyle, knowing where to start and making a plan can make things a lot less intimidating.

For those of you thinking of re-decorating, allow me to provide you with some considerations and advice to ease you into your project.  However, be forewarned!  As with anything in life, there are no guarantees that everything will go according to plan.  Obstacles that you least expect are bound to pop up, but being prepared for these road blocks will help you adapt and cope with them more easily.  Never forget, that you are embarking on this project to make your space more enjoyable and functional, so it will all be worth it in the end.

Prior to commencing work with any client, I discuss with them in detail what it is that they ultimately hope to achieve by changing their space and how they want their surroundings to look and feel.  If you haven’t yet talked your other half into hiring me as your interior decorator, then you can start on your own by thinking through answers to the following questions.


*Why have you chosen this room to re-decorate?
- Understanding why you want to change the look or function of a room is important and will help you determine what your priorities are for making the space work for you.

*What are the hobbies/interests of the people using this space?
- Furniture requirements, lighting, and adequate storage are just some of the things to take into account when asking yourself this question.

 *What is the sun exposure & when is the room occupied most?
- Sun exposure can be tricky and I could do 100 posts on this topic alone! When deciding on a paint colour, remember that a south facing room gets a lot of sun and a north facing room will always feel that little bit cooler due to the lack of sunlight.  Careful consideration should be taken when choosing your window treatments as well, as these can play a critical role in protecting your flooring and furniture and filtering the light as necessary.  If the room is used mainly in the evening, think about on-looking neighbours or the view from the outside to make sure you have enough privacy.

*What items do you have that could be used in this space? 
- Re-evaluate the furniture and accessories you currently have and only keep items that you love and that are functional for the activities taking place in the room.  If you have pieces that you can re-work, it can free up some money to put into another item that may desperately need replacing.  

* What is your budget & when do you hope to finish the project? 
-Ah, the question of money rears its ugly head!!  Take a moment to sit down and think realistically about your budget.  If you are making any structural changes, be prepared to spend some extra money especially if you are not doing the work yourself.  And although we all want things done yesterday, you need to be practical about the length of time it will take you to complete your renovations.  Forget about the shows you see on HGTV and how they transform a space in one week or less.  You need to think about when the best time is to undergo your project and whether you want to do it in stages or all at once.

If you get really stuck, I am always here to help.   I can be your guide for the initial steps to get you on your way or you can count on me to lead the project and see it through to completion.  Either way think about the big picture before making decisions, choose pieces that you absolutely love and have fun! 

You can e-mail me at:  It will all come together in the end, it’s just knowing where to start. 

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