Thursday 15 September 2011

Read this before venturing out to a local Antique Market

There is such a variety of old and often quirky items at an Antique Market that you will be spoiled for choice.    I have been attending the Aberfoyle Antique Market for nearly 20 years and I never tire of strolling by each vendor’s stall to peruse the goods. 

The inventory is constantly changing (a bit like Home Sense) so you will always have different   treasures to set your eyes upon.  My suggestion is to arrive early because those that are serious about antique hunting, know that if you leave it too late all the best stuff will be gone.

Aberfoyle Antique Market

I recommend that you have an idea of the type of items you are looking for or what room you may be thinking of furnishing while on your hunt.  Otherwise you may come home either overloaded or overwhelmed. 

If you see something that is a must have, make an offer and purchase the piece straight away.  Many times I have seen, or I myself have missed out when someone else was quicker at making the deal and walked away with what I had hoped would be mine.  It can be heart breaking!

One thing to always bear in mind is that when you are looking at older furniture, although it may require some work (which is what I think is half the fun!) the majority of the time you are still getting a bargain. 

If you compare a dresser like the one in the above picture to a dresser in the IKEA catalogue, I can tell you something right now…THERE IS NO COMAPARISON!!  I’m not knocking IKEA, but I think you would agree that its like comparing apples to oranges. You are more than likely getting better quality, more value for your money and something that is one of a kind to boot.

Mirrored trays are perfect for displaying your perfumes or as platform for your latest tablescape
Spray paint one or two of these to match your colour scheme for great little accessories.

I just loved this old barn filled with so much stuff! From antique hats in their boxes, to frilly lamp shades and old toys, even if you don’t want to buy you can’t help but want to look.

Great vintage fashion accessories

My other bit of advice when touring an Antique Market for the day – and I urge you to make a day of it – is to carry cash.  If you are going to barter on prices, be sure not to insult the dealers.  Many dealers price items with the intent of maybe taking slightly less, but that doesn’t mean half the listed price. Some dealers may mark items as ‘firm’ and this means there is little to no room for negotiating. I would walk away if you don’t want to pay what they are asking.

Outdoor ornaments, gates and birdbaths too

Bring a big van or truck to take your new purchases away in, otherwise most dealers should offer delivery for an extra fee.  The Aberfoyle Antique Market is open  Sundays until October 30th from 8am - 4pm and only costs $2.00 per adult.  For directions and more information, check out their website at:  

You may already have some older or unique pieces of furniture, but just aren't sure how to work them into your homes' decor. If this is the case, please contact me and  I will be happy to help create a place that you are happy to come home to, share with your family and entertain with friends.  My e-mail is

Write a comment on my post with your Antique Market Experience or after you’ve visited one let me know how you got on.  Happy Hunting! 

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