Wednesday 7 September 2011

Welcome to delicious decor!

I remember listening to Josie Dye on radio station 102.1 the Edge a couple of years ago and she was telling people to check out her ‘blog’.  For ages, I had no idea what a blog was and if I’m honest -which I really can’t help to be anything but- I had no interest in finding out.  However, we all know that blogs have become increasingly popular and after following a few blogs myself, I now understand why.  

This is the perfect outlet that I have been searching for to share & discuss my ideas with others as passionate about Interior Decorating as I am.  I figured I would give it a go, even if only to see if anyone is interested in what I have to say!

Delicious Sign

Now, what’s in a name and how did I decide upon ~delicious décor~? I chose the name because there is something about the word ‘delicious’ that tantalizes and intrigues your senses. It leaves you wanting for more. If someone tells you that something is absolutely delicious, you know you’ve got to try it. Well, Interior Design is just as tempting to our visual taste buds and the variety of delicious décor available to us has no limitations. What I especially love about design (other than everything) is that interiors are inspired by our dreams and constantly evolving.

Aberfoyle Antique Market

Interior Decorating has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Growing up I can recall being fascinated by colours and frequently changing my room around, it was an obsession for me. On Saturdays my mom drove my sister and me from one garage sale to another. I was always picking up second hand items to mix things up and I’ve come to realise that it is in my blood. You can be sure my posts will sometimes include pictures and articles about antiques, painted furniture and eclectic decorating styles.

Okay, for those of you reading – and I do hope there are at least a couple of people in my captive audience – what can I tell you about my blog?   My goal is to share my ideas and opinions with you and hopefully you will find my posts interesting and educational.   I promise to post lots of pretty pictures too!  I hope to ignite exciting discussions pertaining to interior decor such as design concepts, upcycling, creating contrast and more.


My next entry is titled Where to start’ and will feature ‘5 questions to ask yourself prior to starting your decorating project’.  Be sure to read it and make sure you are taking proper considerations before beginning your renovations.  Like anything in life, a daunting task will be less stressful if you are prepared for what to expect.

Be assured that I keep up to date on current design trends so you will never be out of the loop if you continue to read each week.  I invite you to subscribe to my blog and post feedback with your views.  With my knowledge, passion and experience I will help you create a place that you are excited to come home to, share with your family and entertain in with friends.


  1. So proud of you! Your hard work paid off nicely Claire, it's a great start and I can't wait to read more! xoxo

  2. Awesome Blog! I'm 'hungry' for more!