Sunday 15 April 2012

What will be your Jumping off Point?

Before putting together a concept plan for clients I discuss with them what furnishings they have that they wish to include as part of the rooms’ décor.  We take stock of these items and ensure they are compatible (in some way) with one another.  This does not mean they have to be 'matchy matchy', rather that they do not fight each other in colour, style or scale.

The bold and colourful dog print adds a whimsical touch to this space

Often, a specific piece that you wish to include can be used as the 'Jumping Off Point' for the rooms design.  This inspiration piece can come in many forms such as artwork, accent cushions, area rugs,  accessories or a piece of furniture that you consider a must have for your space. 

Meet 'Kirby Black' - My Inspiration piece

When beginning the design for my home office/guest room, the inspiration piece for me was a stunning fabric that I could not live without. The fabric was a contemporary pattern that had a cream background with gray, red, black and brown leaves - each outlined with black velvety flocking. 

Now that the colour scheme had been decided, the next step was to figure out exactly how the colours would be brought together into the rooms design.  

 I wanted to include some older pieces as well as photographs I'd taken abroad to personalise the space.  
The walls were painted Gray - Escarpment by Benjamin Moore. I then added a big pop with a ruby red Brentwood Classics sofa bed. (The general rule when choosing large pieces of furniture is to keep them neutral so you can easily change your colour palette when you decide to redecorate.)

But rules are made to be broken and I wanted to live on the wild side! I threw caution to the wind and made this sofa the focal point of my room. It's the first thing people comment on when they enter the room & I don't regret it one bit.  

Two bookcases add more of an impact than if there was just one and offers much needed storage space.

The piece you choose can also be inspiration for the style and overall feel of the room.  For example, if the item you love is a table made of metal and wood, you may find yourself drawn to a rustic design.  Alternatively, if you are yearning for a romantic shabby chic look, then a creamy or white painted piece of old furniture may be the item you need to start you off. 

I love the detail on the cabinet
I am currently working on a living and dining room design for a client that wants a mix of traditional and antique furnishings.  My client says the room (below) is one that she rushes by to get to the kitchen or den because she doesn't enjoy it the way it is.  She wasn't sure where to start with the redecorating project and that's why she contacted me.  

The couch and loveseat are in fantastic shape & will be reupholstered.
She expressed that the colours she and her husband like (his opinion counts too!)  are pale pinks, sage greens, beige's and maroon. I picked out some fabrics and my client just loves the look of the combination below.

Floral & maroon fabrics - accent cushions; blush linen - drapery; Sage green - upholstery.
 We are well on our way to creating the serene, fresh living space she desires.  I will be sure to share with you the after photographs of this room once it has been completed.

Take a look at what you have and think about what you want from your new space.  If you are starting with a clean slate, get your shopping shoes on and head to local décor boutiques, an art gallery, antique market or fabric store.  Be sure to find a jumping off piece that you absolutely  love and allow it to be your inspiration.

If you want some help on where to start, contact me for a personal and professional Interior Decorating Service that is inspired by you and the dreams you have for your home.  My e-mail address is:

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