Wednesday 4 April 2012

Benjmamin Moore's latest Colours - Don't miss this post!

It's been a long time since Benjamin Moore has released a new colour palette.  Let's face it, I wouldn't be surprised if you're wondering like me what other colours could possibly be missing from their current collections?

In the newest Colour Stories series, Benjamin Moore introduces rich colours with an intensity so deep and true you can almost taste their flavours!  They have categorised each colour palette by colour which makes it easier to navigate your way through the system & is just one of the refreshing differences in this new colour line up.

Fiery sunset is one of eight volumes from Colour Stories

So, what else makes this series unique?  After recently attending a Designer Gala hosted by West Appleby Paint and Decorating Inc. featuring guest speaker  Leigh-ann Allaire Perrault  (Benjamin Moore's Colour & Design expert often seen on City Line) allow me to bring you up to date on this exciting and brilliant new collection. 

The paint chips are larger and are 'aura painted' not printed

Colour Stories paint colours have no black or gray added to them and are made up of 5-7 pigments instead of the usual 2-3 pigments.  Complimentary colours have been used to make these intense, rich hues and  for this reason the colours appear to be much more saturated even when compared to their affinity line. 

There are 8 'volumes' of 240 full spectrum colours to choose from that take on different characteristics and appearances throughout the day.  I will be interested to see how the paint colour will look in both natural and artificial light in 'real life' decor.

Photograph from the 'Naturally Neutral' volume
Benjamin Moore has branded themselves as colour professionals that can predict trends of what's up and coming for the future.  Travelling all over the world they research the economic markets; investigate which natural resources are being used and of course follow the fashions on the hottest runways. 

Based on what they observed in various countries Benjamin Moore Colour experts analyse collected data and review past trends.  Predictions and 'Colour Forecasts' are established stating what consumers will desire and seek out in everyday life.  Colours chosen are to satisfy certain needs within us, evoke specific emotions and reflect current economic times.

~Euphoria erupts as the intrepid climbers reach the breathtaking summit of their South American destination ~

Andes summit - CSP600 - violet twilight volume - BM Colour Stories
Every colour tells a story (as above) & each story allows you to conjure up images of the people and places that may have inspired the creation of that colour.  I've often thought that having the job of choosing names for paint colours would be fun.  Some of my favourites from Colour Stories are: hannah banana; worn leather shoes; soho loft; bellbottom blues; barefoot in the grass & 14 carrots.

This ad was in my latest Style at Home Magazine and I can't help but smile every time I look at!

I am excited to use some of these colours in upcoming decorating projects and will be sure to provide you with feedback once I do.  If you've tried out any of the Colour Stories paint hues I would love to know what you think of them.

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