Friday 22 March 2013

Easter Decorations for the Home

Keeping with the spring theme of my previous posting, there are some very cute ways to decorate your home for Easter.  The stores are filled with fun ideas that can be used to enhance your already beautiful space.  If you have ample storage space for such items then it doesn't have to cost a lot, you can add a bit to your inventory each year.

This type of vignette is easy enough to create and it's so darn cute!
Gather items such as broken branches when going for a nature walk and see what vases or decorative containers you already have at home to keep costs down.  Look for branches that offer good height and extend as wide as you need so you can add a variety of Easter accessories if desired.  

This tall elegant Milk glass vase is a perfect home for these birds & branches
 As with any great design, mixing high and low end finishes make people believe that the overall look is more elaborate.  In the photo above, colourful birds such as these ones can be found at your local craft shop or even from the dollar store.  You can see how effective yet simple these various accessories go together to create a sweet seasonal tablescape.   

And who doesn't love a well designed wreath? No matter what time of the year it is, wreaths are always in season.  Here are some you can either make yourself or purchase from home decor shops.

Light yellows, greens and blues are a perfect representation of the season.
I found this from an on line etsy shop, so cute with the little bunnies!
This wreath is also for sale on etsy, click this link to see more
And my favourite, which appears to be no longer available from etsy....

Just stunning! The black door as a back drop makes the colours pop & make it more dramatic.

I went to Holland Park Garden Gallery last weekend with the family, we can walk there from our home and it has long been a tradition to visit the gallery at the start of each new season.  It is a great place to go for inspiration and the kids love it too because there are so many gorgeous flowers and cute ornaments to see. Here's what we found and liked...

There's no excuse not to add colour to your outdoor patio this season.
Photo by Claire Jefford at the Garden Gallery

More owls everywhere I turn!  I especially love the over sized feet on these three cuties.
Place these arrangements in matching pots by your front door to welcome guests.
I thought this note on the chalk board (shown below) was sweet and very fitting. They had one or two others throughout the store that looked great in the displays surrounded by so many beautiful florals and greenery.

If you are really keen and want to stay ahead of the game, view this post I wrote last year for great summer patio ideas.  It's never too early to start thinking about the theme or setting you desire for your backyard oasis. Inspiration is all around us.

If you make your own wreaths or floral displays, I'd love for you to share.  Go to my facebook page and upload your photos so others can be inspired too!

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  1. Happy Easter Claire! I'll have to stop by Holland Park Garden when I'm in the area.