Monday 9 July 2012

Repurposing ideas you don't want to miss!

This summer one of my projects is to repurpose an old mirrored frame into a jewellery display board.  I am tired of all my necklaces & bracelets tangling themselves up at the bottom of my jewellery box.

Messy jewellery, ugh!

I chose this frame (below) as I liked the detail and it's a solid piece as well.  My hope is that if I can display my fashion accessories nicely, it will not only be easier to see each piece of jewellery, but it also make a lovely piece of artwork!

Here is the idea (below) of what I want to do with my frame. I will need to use a neutral paint colour and non-bossy fabric because as much as I would love to redecorate the bedroom, at this time we have no plans of doing so.  Therefore, this piece needs to be flexible as I do not want it to become the 'bully in the room' that I need to work around.   

This display is doing double duty by being both functional and pretty at the same time.

Are you thinking of repurposing something for your home decor or to place on your pretty patio this summer?  Here are some more fun and fabulous ideas that I found and wanted to share with you.

There are so many options for cool and unique repurposed lighting

Wine bottles can still be enjoyed once empty, who knew?!!?

Not terribly functional, but these look cute.

I love how this rustic ladder has been used as a light fixutre.

Oar headboard - perfect for boathouse or cottage bedroom.

Shoe ladder as a display - how cute would this be in a shop window?

I see a lot of these baskets in my travels but never quite like this
I picked up this wooden children's potty from the side of the road & decided to use it as a plant holder for the summer.  I'm not too worried if it only lasts one season, it looks cute and didn't cost a penny!

I will be sure to let you know when and how I've recreated my frame into a fabulous display board for my bits and bobs of jewellery.  I will share photos as soon as it's complete!

For more creative ideas, check out my 'Repurposing' board on Pinterest.  If you've done something imaginative with an unusual item, please e-mail me & I will post it to my board to share with others.

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