Thursday 12 July 2012

Colourful creatures to inspire your home decor

The other day my 8 year old son was on the computer downloading pictures and organising them into folders of his favourite animals.  I asked him if I could see which ones he'd saved so far and it gave me an idea for a new posting - suprise suprise!

Instead of the usual fashion comparisons, why not get inspiration from wildly colourful creatures for your home decor?  I am going to have some fun here & I hope you enjoy what I've come up with!

what a cute little chameleon!
Vivid colours on this chameleon could be used for a fun palette resembling something like this.....

Casual and colourful cottage living room
The colours on this lovely 'Yellowtail' fish with deep purple and yellow markings are intense.

More blue violet in other pictures I viewed, but very sharp all the same

Complimentary colours are always a hit when used together

This furry friend has great colour and I actually found 2 rooms that he could have inspired.

First is a lovely bedroom with many natural characteristics....

I love the bird cage decals over the bed

And here is a lively dining room, complete with aviary accessories!

This fun bright accent wall reminds me of Benjamin Moore colour 'Grape Green' 2027-40

This frog is probably poisonous and meaner than he looks, but great inspiration all the same!

Black and yellow offer fantastic contrast

Clean and bright bathroom with tufted fauteuil accent chair.


You can find your jumping off point almost anywhere.  Choose something you absolutely love and go from there.  If you want some help pulling your space together flawlessly, contact me and I can help make your dreams for your home a reality. 


  1. Lovely! You found some great rooms to go with the animals! Inspiration is everywhere!

  2. Hey Lori! It sure is everywhere. Our family (like so many others) love all things relating to nature and wildlife. This can be a very useful tool to keep in mind when decorating kids rooms and other spaces in your home, especially if one gets stuck for ideas or inspiration. Cheers for the comment!