Thursday 3 May 2012

Stunning Basement Renovation not to be Missed!

I like to think that I have great vision for seeing the potential of unfinished spaces & visualising the final look of projects I embark upon. But once all is said and done and a job is complete, I am still amazed at just how much more stunning the result is is than I thought it would be. 

My basement renovation is no exception and I am thrilled to share these photographs with you.

Custom built ins designed by me and built by my talented husband Chris and our good friend Jeff.
 The rug is from HomeSense as are many of the accessories on display in the built in cabinet. The pot lights in the shelving are on dimmers and really highlight the accessories as well as adding ambiance.

Mirrored doors add sophistication and help to brighten up the space.

The mirrored doors were custom made and then sprayed by Paint It Like New in Benjamin Moore's Willow - CC542 - the same colour as the built ins. (Mirrors were sealed in after the paint had cured) I had the doors sprayed in a slightly higher sheen and opted not to add hardware.  The doors open easily enough and in my opinion adding handles would have been too busy with the mirrored inserts.

The other side of our basement is the dining/gaming area & is painted Wilmington Tan by BM.  

  Complimentary Colours - I love the purple hued drapery against the buttery yellow walls. 
The silk and polyester blend draperies add warmth and elegance to the space. I loved the Maxwell fabric that I used for this Living Room Makeover so much that I bought extra to use for the cornices (the fabric boxes over the curtains) and accent cushions on the sectional. 

The chalk board is a re-purposed item that I altered to be more functional.  Originally it hung horizontally and had a wire basket attached to the bottom.  I removed the basket, turned it vertically and super glued the small shelf under the board so the chalk would have a home.  We've already played darts and for the first time in ages I beat Chris, maybe the newly renovated space inspired my game!!

The various styled picture frames are unified by the same mat colour - Marshland - CC512 by Benjamin Moore.
Most of the frames I nicked from my Mom's inventory for the Aberfoyle Market - thanks Mom!  The photographs are from our travels across Europe and a few from Chris's time spent in Australia and Singapore. 

And do you recognise the buffet pictured above??  In this post I told you about my new (but old) piece of furniture and now you can see it completely transformed within my new space.  I love it!

It's been a very long journey but now when we sit back, relax and watch a movie - (I haven't even touched on the incredible surround sound system!) - we can really enjoy what we've accomplished.

'It's been a long time's well worth the wait' ~ Gord Downie, Tragically Hip

For more pictures please visit my updated website at  If you are thinking of starting renovations and need some guidance, please contact me and I can help you make your dreams for your home a reality.


  1. Wow, beauty! You guys did an amazing job. Can't wait to see it in person. Great job!

  2. What a cozy space! I especially admire the built-in's design and color... the thick shelves, mirrored doors and lights make it amazing!

  3. Thank you for your comments. We are really enjoying this warm and cozy space!

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    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  5. I admire your DIY spirit! Turned out Beautifully! Wish you lived by me to guide me through a special project. Very nice! Love, MM