Monday 30 April 2012

Take a few moments to relax and dream...aaahhh

Just feeling a bit of the blahs with it being Monday and rainy here in Burlington.  But what better way to brighten up the day than with some pretty pictures of sunny interiors! 

Find a quiet place, close your eyes just for a few moments and allow yourself to be swept away from the craziness of everyday life.  I don't know about you, but lately, things have been pretty crazy for me.  But that's life and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Although, it's okay to have to take a yoga moment every now and again, we deserve it.

Enjoy,  I hope it makes your day a bit brighter to help get you through the week!

I wish I was to join me for tea on the patio??!

Not overly crazy about the decor, but the that's something else.
I envision stepping out onto the patio overlooking a lovely garden and just a walk to the beach! Bliss.
Reminds me of a place on the Greek Island of Santorini where I dined with other backpackers many years ago
Part of the craziness I have been dealing with for the past few months has been preparing for The Ultimate Woman's Show in Hamilton at the Careport Centre.   I am an exhibitor there for Interior Decorating (what else?!) and would love if you stopped by to see me. 

My booth number is #345 and  I have some '2 for 1' passes that I can e-mail to you if you are interested in attending the show.  Send me an e-mail:   
I would love to see you there!  

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