Wednesday 24 April 2013

Don't miss out on the Aberfoyle Antique Market this year

The countdown is on!  This Sunday, April 28th marks the opening of the Aberfoyle Antique Market.    As always, I am very excited and I would like to share with you some of the gems that I have found there over the years.  Whether you are in the market for accessories, furniture or just a good day out, you will find it here at Aberfoyle.

So many treasures are waiting at Aberfoyle

Fabulous Furniture

It's no secret that furniture today is rarely built with the same integrity, uniqueness or quality of the past.  Times have changed but it doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice our values.  At Aberfoyle you will find rare items that have been made by a careful hand in many different finishes.

Just look at the detail and solidarity of this over-sized  wooden armoire

Small teak dresser with brushed brass contemporary hardware
French Provincial Style furniture with classic, feminine curves 
Beautiful Blanket Box, cedar inside and lots of intricate carving on the outside

Look for 'Dovetails' usually indicate a well made piece


Look at these industrial beauties and imagine the possibilities for them in your home!

Look for ones that with little or no rust that will clean up easily

You can either keep the industrial look throughout an entire space....

Or make an eclectic mix with bold hits of colour.....

Loving the orange wishbone chairs and plate collection on the wall!

Alternatively, put them in a place completely unexpected...

Just be sure to have other nods to this unique style so items don't look out of place

Odd and Sods

There are so many random items at Aberfoyle that even if you aren't looking for anything specific, there will definitely be things that peak your curiosity. There may even be things that make you go hmmmm....

I'm not entirely sure what this is, do you know?

For the passionate deep sea diver that has everything, this could be the perfect gift!
Antique Asian head dress
Old electrical fireplace heater to keep you warm..imagine this painted a bright funky colour!
These would look great hung on a wall, even perhaps as plant holders??  Repurpose and use your imagination!

Will you be going to Aberfoyle this year?  If so, please let me know what you find & what you do with it!

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