Wednesday 15 August 2012

Quirky? Maybe! But still interesting ideas for decorating

For me, sourcing pictures of just the right design and calibre is  so important when I write a blog.  Sometimes I come across images that may not be suitable for the article I am writing at the time, but if it intrigues me enough I will keep hold of it until I can utilise the photograph for a future posting. 

I am drawn to the natural elements in this room. The unusually large picture of the bird works here.
After reviewing my collection, it appears that I have acquired several photographs of very interesting and random ideas for decorating.  So much so that I feel like they are now worthy of their own blog posting.  Tell me what you think!

Very cool medieval like drawbridge supporting an organic yet rustic bathroom countertop

Staying in the bathroom, here is another unique design you don't see very often...

If I was a baby I would love to water slide my nude bum down this!

Repurposing ideas for old doors...

I am in love with this beauty, although I'm not sure how comfy it would be?

In the above photo I like how old spindles and railings have been used for the arms of the swing.

A heavy wood door used as a head board

Pictured below is an unexpected looking tent with pretty patterns that provides a personal and cute touch.  I found this photo (above) while researching for a blog posting on Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics. You can read that article here.

John Robshaw Textiles from Crown

As much as I like the tent, this hammock in paradise is more my style!


Below, this funky idea is more on the contemporary side of design...

Self adhesive tiles used here as a memo board

These would look so great in a contemporary home office or in a white kitchen with green accents

In this post I showed you how event decor doesn't have to be complicated.  Sometimes the most basic ideas can be the best ideas!

Balloons in soft hues are so simple yet effective
Pretty white lights wrapped around tree trunks and branches add just enough sparkle to any outdoor design

And finally, these little guys are the perfect foliage for  a reception area geared towards kids or maybe at the zoo or in a vet office.

Whimsical for sure!
I hope some of these out of the ordinary decorating ideas have provided you with inspiration for your own decor project.  If you want professional advice for a project, please contact me and I will help you fall in love with your home again!  Please e-mail me:

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