Thursday 2 August 2012

Different Art Styles - Get out of your comfort zone

We are creatures of comfort.  It's easy for us to do something we have done before, especially if we know it has proven to work for us in the past.  This can pertain to anything in life - from relationships to eating habits, from travel destinations to the styles & colours we surround ourselves in.

But what about exploring different options and searching outside of our comfort zone to see how our Spidey senses react to the idea of change?

When viewing a link from Colour lovers I came across pictures of artwork that were not my typical style.  However, there was something about the pictures that grabbed my attention and I started visualising how fantastic these works of art would look in the right setting.    

Malika Favre is a French illustrator who loves to use bright colours in her artwork.  When I looked at her website I was immediately drawn to Malika because of  this video filmed in London England, where she works and lives.  I liked her minimalist approach and the idea of 'less is more'  -as that is the way we are moving forward in interior design with contemporary styles emerging everywhere.

Great Contemporary Drawing with European appeal
For someone sourcing reasonably priced modern artwork with bright pops of colour, Malika's style may be the perfect jumping off point to inspire a living space, an entire home or commercial design. 

Reminds me a little of Jackie O, minus the beauty mark.
Here are some more pictures of her colourful work.

Interesting conversations pieces for sure!
Even though this type of artwork is out of my comfort zone, as a decorator I think it's imperative to be aware & open to various design styles.  Every designer has their own 'aesthetic' or 'look' but when decorating a space for others it is ultimately about what the client is comfortable with and achieving a look they desire.

This contemporary space is not my personal style but I do like the pops of colour with the white backdrop

Another artist whose work I enjoyed viewing was Lesley Barnes.  Both her and Malika are associated with a company in the UK known as 'Handsome Frank'.  This company is an illustration agency representing some of the most talented and original commercial illustrators in the UK.  Here is some of Lesley's fascinating artwork.

I could see this on a large canvas in the reception area of a modelling agency.
Reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter when the Owls deliver mail to the students at Hogwarts.
Lesley incorporates so many vibrant colours to give inspiration to any design.  If you would like to view more of Lesley's work, visit her website by clicking here

Now that you know my clients' comfort level is my top priority, contact me if you are seeking professional advice for decorating your space.  My goal is to create flow, balance and scale within a design that reflects your style while saving you money by ensuring harmonious colour & styles choices are made from the start. E-mail me:

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