Thursday 28 June 2012

Summer Fun - What have you got planned?

Summer is here!  Today is the last day of school for my little ones and I really enjoy how the pace of life changes when they are home with me.  Of course I will still be working on creating beautiful spaces for my clients and as usual I have several repurposing projects lined up.  However, I will be sure to make plenty of time for 2 very special people in my world, Adley and Elise.

This picture is so natural and it always makes me smile!

Often we get caught up in the craziness of daily life that we forget to stop and appreciate things that really matter in this precious world around us.  Heading to the cottage is one way that us Canadians love to get away from it all.  I think part of the reason my husband married me & immigrated from the UK was because he fell in love with cottage life.  Our home away from home.

Tranquility at its very best.
With a glass of wine in hand, I love watching the forever changing & breathtaking scenery unfold at sunset  

Apart from heading to the cottage this summer we will also be doing lots of day trips.  We have booked in at Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days and I so can't wait to see the kids faces when we walk into this indoor waterpark.  I don't know who is looking forward to it more, myself or the kids!

Of course I'll be sure to see what the decor is like and annoy hubby by telling him all the improvements I could make in regards to colour, furnishings, wallpapers, and more. It's amazing how you (or maybe it's just me being obsessive about design) notice the crazy mis-matching of finishes in hotel rooms & how they rarely relate to one another. 

Below: Does this curtain and valance relate at all to the border or wallpaper? I think not!

Holiday Inn, Toronto
And do you think this chair cover relates to either of the above furnishings?  I didn't think so either!

Holiday Inn chair cover, Toronto
I digress, apologies for the ugly decor pictures. But never the less, I do find them interesting.

This year we bought a pass for the Conservation Parks of Halton which allows us unlimited access to places such as Mountsberg, Mount Nemo, Crawford Lake and more.  We will also be visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens to see what we can find on our nature hikes. 

So focused on finding that next big bug!

Children love outdoor activities so I will be planning a scavenger hunt at each park and provide them with a list of things to look for and a little box to put any nature items in so they can have their own collection to take home.  This keeps them interested and busy while having fun.

Adorable.  Memories like this last a lifetime.

So, what have you got planned with your family this summer?  Are you staying close to home or venturing further afield for your time away from the hustle and bustle?  I would love to hear what your up to!!  Either way, relax, enjoy and stay safe.

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