Monday 28 May 2012

Impress your guests with fab finds from Aberfoyle

I finally made it to the Aberfoyle Antique Market for the first time this year a couple of weeks ago and I was NOT disappointed.  The weather has been fantastic for searching out hidden treasures and people are buying! 

This is good news all round - for the environment, the dealers, the reputation of the market itself and especially for the attendees.  When the market gets lots of traffic it means that the vendors are tuning in to what people want and are offering various sought after items at fair prices.

Aberfoyle Market - All photos by Claire Jefford


While touring the market I saw plenty of chairs, benches & stools that definitely grabbed my attention.  I found a good mix of seating options that would work well with  current decor trends.  Check out some of these stools and chairs with vibrant splashes of colour - such a fabulous way to incorporate bold hues into a living area or kitchen.

Sexy red vinyl pops on these black stools with brass coloured tipped legs.

When assessing furniture requirements within a main living space, many times we require the option of having extra seating. Gathering with family and friends for special occasions can be a great opportunity to show your guests that you are anything but ordinary. Why not make a statement with your choice of seating? 

Orange tops with chrome legs
This blue is fresh and the seat covers were in great shape. 

When looking at items covered with vinyl, make sure there are no tears in the fabric.  Unless you are prepared to mend a seat cushion or are experienced with reupholstering, the 'bargain of the buy' may be lost in the work required to fix it up.  To get an idea of the work involved to repair torn vinyl, watch this video.

Cantilever chairs (pictured below) are making a huge comeback. 

Although they are not my personal style, I appreciate their design and love their sleek look. 

So sharp in yellow and black.
Helpful Hint- use a chrome cleaner with steel wool to remove any dirt or rust from chrome furniture. Once this has been done, use a flannel rag to wipe clean and see it shine!


Great for entryways; propped up against a wall; or as an alternative to chairs at a dining table, benches can be fun and functional.  Add cushions and switch them up when the seasons change to keep your look fresh.

Scrolled arms and other curved details soften the look of this bench
So cute for the garden! 
If you are taking furnishings outdoors be sure to properly treat and look after items so they are able to withstand the change in weather conditions.  For soft furnishings, choose fabrics that are durable.  Outdoor furniture retailers sell cushions and rugs that can be left to the elements and come in various patterns and colours. 

Want to see more of Aberfoyle?  Plan a visit soon, inventory changes weekly!  The market is open every Sunday from 8am - 4pm now until the end of October.

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Antique Market Season is upon us, Rejoice!

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