Thursday 10 May 2012

Creating Contrast, it's more than just my business

Contrast in the dictionary is explained as 'a distinction or emphasis of difference by comparison of opposite or dissimilar things'.  The most popular and often thought of way to create contrast is by using strong colour contrasts such as 'black and white'.  

To me, this image stirs up emotion that is both calming and complex at the same time

The lighting in this photo (above) really emphasises the contrast between the light skin and dark tattoos.  Now let's take a look at black and white contrast within Interior  Design.

Black painted doors give strong form to this space
Creating elements of contrast within a design adds visual stimulation as well as 'interest' to a space.  Rather than the usual black and white, there are many colours and tones that can be used to create contrast that mustn't be overlooked.  Accent walls are a popular way of doing this but don't limit your imagination to just painted walls.

Your eye is immediately drawn to the sexy lipstick red coloured cooker.
By injecting an unexpected element such as the bright red coloured stove above, there is a suggestion of playfulness in this rustic farm kitchen.  Notice how the red is also repeated a few times throughout the room : - the numbers on the clock; the wall tiles and various accessories.  This helps give flow to the space and support the otherwise 'out of the norm' colourful appliance.

Another way to create juxtaposition is by mixing Interior Design styles.

In the above picture, a traditional tufted and skirted camel back sofa has been paired successfully with more modern elements such as - the contemporary patterns on the throw cushions; a wild zebra area rug and small ghost tables.  This type of contrast within designs work well when the pieces have been balanced and styles have been repeated.

More contrast between design styles are displayed in the picture above.

Re-upholstering antique furniture in bold, modern fabrics is quite the trend these days in upcycling.  

Pyschidelic bergere chair in a black and white chevron pattern

Designer Geoffrey Bradfield designed these chairs in honour of the late Alexander McQueen.
In the photo above the classic fauteuil chair has 2 different patterns that are no reflection of the actual period piece itself, but no one could argue that they would definitely make quite the conversation piece!

What about Creating Contrast by using various shapes?  This room below is a great example of how different shapes, forms and lines can all be used to create contrast.  Again, opposing textures such as the shiny satin bedding, crushed velvety head board and sparkly crystals are all contributing to this mix of contrasting elements.

In my opinion the lamps don't seem right in this space 

Next time you are decorating a space, why not get creative and use contrast in more ways than one?

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