Sunday 18 March 2012

Tips for Home Staging

As well as Colour Consultations, Home Staging has also been keeping me busy as we enter into this spring realty market.  The most obvious things you should do prior to placing your home on the market is tidy, organise and depersonalising your space.  However there are a few more helpful hints for staging your home successfully to make it look (and smell) move-in ready.

Keeping things organised is always in style

Odours – Having a bad smell is a put off right from the start. Be aware of smells such as musty carpets, animals and food odours.  Get rid of them by using natural cleaning agents like lemons and vinegar. Using bleach can be overpowering and imply that heavy duty cleaning was needed.

'Even Bart can tell if something is 'off'

Having said that, be sure to neatly put away all cleaning agents including the vacuum, broom & tea towels. Even if the tea towels match your décor, they still represent a reminder of work & no one wants to think of that when trying to picture themselves in a dreamy new space.


Arrange groupings of furniture to show that each space has a purpose.  If there are extra furnishings that have no function and are just taking up valuable real estate in your home, place them in storage.  I don’t suggest showing a house with minimal furniture either, you want the home to look large and cosy but purposeful at the same time.  Balance is key.

Accentuate the view if you are lucky enough to have one like this

I happen to think a Staging consultation is worth every penny and so did Sandra, a home owner who had these kind words to say after she had a consultation with me:
"Hi Claire! Thank you again for our 'play time'!
I enjoyed watching you do your magic!
Working with you was fun & I like you as a person, you are sensitive & respectful."
Two little words that mean so much

It's nice to get such lovely feedback, thank you Sandra!  The other comment I hear a lot is that people wish they contacted me when they first moved so they weren't falling in love with their home just before leaving it.  If you can realise your homes potential it could affect your decision to love it or list it in the first place.

An Interior Decorating or Interior Re-design Consultation can give you a kick start to updating your home and I also offer fabulous ideas to achieving a designer look for less.  Visit my updated website for more details on the services I provide and for my contact information.

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  1. Good point on hiding the clenaing stuff, that makes total sense, thanks!