Tuesday 6 March 2012

A local gem worth checking out

A few weeks ago I made a special trip to 264 King Street East in Hamilton to check out a new upscale boutique called 'Accoutrements'.  This precious store offers unique ladies' fashions, stunning jewellery, gift ware and of course, home decor items.  With a French country style and European feel there are many gems to choose from that you aren't likely to find anywhere else.

I purchased one of the white floral accessories on the bottom left, to add a textural element on my new built ins.

I found myself getting inspired from the many gorgeous and elegant accessories.  When completing a rooms design it is mandatory (and most fun) to accessorise with items that compliment the overall design, style and colour scheme.  Without them there is not much worth getting excited about, kind of like  having a sundae with no chocolate sauce or colourful sprinkles. 

Tall apothecary jars are great for accessorising
The delicate creamy frames tied with ribbons (above) suggest a soft, vintage look that can be used in a variety of ways.  I love how the idea has been used in the picture below as decoration for what looks like a couple's anniversary outdoor garden party.

Here are some more pictures that I took while visiting Accoutrements.

I love seeing an antiqued door randomly placed in a room
Store owner Judi McIntyre has set up this boutique beautifully and I'm sure you can agree that the items are exquisite, not to mention very reasonably priced.  Stop in to say hi and see this fab find for yourself, as there are lots of interesting and pretty things here.  The store is located just next to Deningers and you can easily get free parking.

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  1. Looks like a great place to browse around and find some treasures. I will check it out for sure!