Sunday 26 February 2012

Owls and Birds of Prey

Today is my sons 8th birthday - where does the time go?!  Yesterday we went to Mountsberg Conservation Area and booked a private 'Raptor Encounter' with the birds of prey.  It is amazing to see these beautiful birds up close & personal,  I highly recommend visiting the area if you can.

Octavious, the stunning Great Horned Owl.  Just look at those eyes!

Owls have been prominent over the past few years in home decor with many furnishings such as accessories and accent cushions adorning these incredible creatures.  When I organise the children's rooms this spring I would like to incorporate some of the nature pictures we've taken over the past few years because it is such a big part of what they love about life.

Ellie the turkey vulture (pictured above) is over 21 years old.  We have met her many times and often  see these types of birds in the wild soaring on the thermals by the escarpment.  Ellie will have to make the 'Wall of Fame' too as she is one of Adley's favourites.

This is Pawgwa, a juvenille bald eagle
These amazing photos of the eagles are courtesy of spracklin photography

If your child is passionate about nature, science, sports or something else why not  include items or photos of what they love in their bedroom to personalise their space?  They will feel special and be excited to show off their rooms to guests if it reflects who they are and what they love.  

Happy Birthday Adley, this post is for you!!

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