Tuesday 7 February 2012

Focus + Balance = Success

I recently took part in a webinar called 'The Results Gameplan 2012' with Marysia Czarski of Velocity Partnership.  Marysia (who has coached Interior Designer Kimberley Seldon) has been instrumental in providing guidance and support to various businesses looking to be more innovative and successful.

The 'Results Gameplan 2012'  helps companies create a clear and inspiring business plan in order to have the confidence and the focus for a successful year ahead.

Things in life are rarely handed to you freely, so if you want something bad enough you've got to go out and make it happen.  When you have a plan it helps to provide a clear perspective of future goals.  Setting time lines for completing tasks makes you accountable to ensure you follow through with your plan.

As part of the program Marysia asked each participant to come up with a theme for 2012 as well as to look further ahead to 2015 and create a collage of what we envisioned that year to look like.  The tasks did not necessarily have to be based solely on business, but rather a balance of both personal and professional aspects of your life.

In order to succeed keeping a good balance is key 

My theme for 2012 is...


We often get so caught up in the craziness that is life, it's easy to lose our focus of why we do what we do.  We should work to live, not live to work.

The collage I created is made up of images that inspire me and keep me focused....

Smiley face reminds me that being happy is the overall goal

I have seen Marysia speak on two other separate occasions, including a joint presentation she did with Kimberley Seldon on the Business of Design.  Marysia's insight and energy is inspirational.  She offers other services such as Inside Out Branding; Facilitative Consulting and Business Coaching.  Here is a link to her company's website for more information. 

I want to leave you with this classic quote from Ferris Buellers' Day Off.  It's a reminder of how important it is to take time out and reflect on our lives from time to time.  Both the message and the music gets me fired up.

Now that I'm more focused and prepared for the year ahead, I know anything is possible if I just Breathe, Believe and Enjoy the ride!

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