Wednesday 16 November 2011

Pictures from the Holiday House Tours

As promised, here are some fabulous pictures from the Holiday House Tours last weekend.  For those of you who may not be familiar with what the tours are all about, allow me to briefly explain. 

Every year the Junior House League of Burlington choose a total of 4 homes within the Burlington, Ancaster and Hamilton area for local designers and store owners to showcase their merchandise and wonderful work.   The idea is generally to be over the top with the decor, have lots of fun and be creative with the festive displays.  Typically anywhere between 4000 - 6000 people tour each home to view the breathtaking Christmas vignettes.

Most of the soft furnishings were made by Sandy of St.George Custom Drapery in Brantford.

The 2 toned fabric on the bed changes colour with movement & light. This adds depth & lots of shimmer.

This room was created by 3 Mohawk College Students currently enrolled in the Interior Decorating Program.  Jesmin, Sandy and Gail put together this 'Exotic South Asian Christmas' themed bedroom.  Using three mirrors and making them a headboard was a brilliant idea.  By draping the fabric over the headboard it not only softens the metal branches of the mirrors' design but also helps to balance other elements in the room and complement the overall colour scheme.

Jesmin said her 'bangles tree' was a real hit

The gold and turquoise work wonderfully together especially with the espresso furniture.  The girls also used mirrored furniture which helped bounce the light around and added an extra touch of class to the design.

Layers and height are essential for successful tablescapes.

This bedroom and en suite was decorated by Linda and Nicole, also enrolled in the Interior Decorating program at Mohawk College. Their theme was 'Natural Elegance' and I believe they totally nailed it. This room was true to its' theme and therefore stunning and very inspiring for me.

 The white lights add warmth and the colour green has a known calming effect. I have to tell you that I adore the 'fluffyness' of the white feathered wreath. By placing it on the mirror it extends the fullness to the feathers.

Different textures invite and lure you in.  The apple green hue is beautiful, especially in combination with the natural browns and creams.  These vignettes contain fabulous accessories that are available for purchase by many local store owners.  Click here if you would like more information on the House Tour Design team and where you can buy some of the fabulous accessories used in the displays. 

A frame wrapped in fabric is a nice change from seeing frames wrapped in Christmas paper.

I hope you had a chance to experience the Holiday House Tours first hand, it really is an event like no other.   Off the top of my head one of my favourite displays were the girls rooms in Ancaster.  For me it represented what little girls dream their room to be if  only they lived in a fairytale castle!  So much time, effort and creativity goes into all the vignettes and so many details.  Did you have a favourite?

The end of the house tours, plus the fact that it's already mid November (yikes!) is a reminder that the holidays are fast approaching.  The ~delicious decor~ Christmas Newsletter will be e-mailed to subscribers next week.  After viewing the holiday homes and then visiting many of the shops that participated in the tours, I am pumped to share with you some stylish holiday decor ideas!

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