Friday 21 October 2011

How to choose colours for your home?

You don't have to look much further than your own closet to know what colours you should be using to decorate your home.  One of the first things I take note of when meeting a potential client is what they are wearing.  Clothing offers many clues to our colour and style preferences.  It is a great way for us to express our personality and individuality in the same way that we should be doing with our homes' delicious decor.

A bold triadic colour scheme suggests a strong & fun personality
Bright, but well put together

People who enjoy upcycling and frequenting thrift shops will undoubtedly have different preferences for home decorating compared to those who wear only brand names and are on top of the latest fashion trends. I am not saying that one is a better style than the other, as long as it's all put together with consideration for scale and balance, either can look fantastic. 

Warmth is added through textiles & natural elements
A contemporary chic condo (above)is warmed up through rich textiles and other natural elements of design.  Leather, fur and plants are a terrific  way to make a space feel more cosy, especially if you want to add some warmth to contemporary styles that tend to look stark and cold.  If you prefer something more exotic, incorporate zebra stripes or other bold patterns into your scheme.

Complimentary colours, purple and yellow

At the moment, we are renovating our basement and I have decided that I need to incorporate plums! I love deep purples and feel confident when wearing them.   The basement is painted a golden yellow colour by Benjamin Moore called Wilmington Tan and it has totally softened up the room.  As purple and yellow are complimentary colours they will work beautifully together and also look very rich with my espresso furniture.  Once it's completed I will post the pics!

Surround your home in colours you love and that make you feel good about yourself.  Look at your wardrobe the next time a decorating project is upon you and get inspiration from what you wear.  If you feel you are longing for a colour (I was dying for blue recently) then see where you can add a few accents with this colour and it will make you feel happy!

Still not sure about which direction to go?  Contact me and I will help you create a space that you are happy to come home to, share with your family and entertain with friends.  View my website at for further information on the services I provide. 

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