Thursday 13 October 2011

Are you making this mistake when decorating?

When most people begin a renovation project there are so many elements to think about that window treatments are often one of the last considerations.  For some reason, window coverings tend to get overlooked and may only be an after thought if there is enough money left in the budget. 

 There are numerous style variations and endless fabrics to choose from that curtains and blinds can add so much to a room’s design.  They also play a very important role in providing privacy as well as protection for your flooring and furniture.  Often windows take up so much space you could make the draperies the focal point of the room.  However, you want to ensure their style is versatile as you are unlikely to change them for at least another 10 years.   

I love the way this ghost table lets you see the drapery all the way to the floor

 For added texture as well as from a functional point of view you may want to use both blinds and curtains.  This enables you to filter the light more efficiently while adding layers and changing both the interior and exterior view.

Make sure you think about not only the style of the window treatment but also the design of the window itself.  Depending on how or even if the window opens can put limitations on the style you choose.  Some blinds can be altered to slide down at the top and be lifted up from the bottom to maximize the control of light and privacy.  

A cordless option is the only way to go for kids rooms

Long cords can be a safety hazard for children, but blinds are available in ‘cordless’ or are remote controlled so there is less chance of accidents. A remote controlled window treatment can be a great feature not only for safety reasons but they are also fun for gadget lovers.  The devices can usually be set on timers as well; perfect if you are going on holiday but still want the house to look occupied.    

Beaded trim; tasselled trim; ribbons and braids; fabric tie backs; hold-backs; rods and finials, so much to consider when choosing window treatments.  There are many ways to personalise and glam up your draperies that you'll be spoiled for choice!  Obviously the details should be chosen carefully as they need to tie in with the room's overall look, but remember to have fun with it.

When reviewing the budget for your next decor project, please don’t forget about the added value of window treatments!  I will tell you now, you will never sit and look at the window coverings and wonder why you bothered.  You'll wonder why you never bothered before!

If you are overwhelmed by the thought of choosing your own window coverings and would like some advice, I'd be  happy to help.   Contact me at 905-599-2588 or e-mail me at:

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