Monday 17 June 2013

My visit to Designers Walk in Toronto

Earlier this year I made a trip to Designers Walk in Toronto.  It was actually my first visit to this Interior Design district on Bedford Road and there was much to see.  Here are some of the highlights from my visit!

Colourful and Inspiring Rugs from Weavers Art

Rug from Weavers Art on the set of Steven and Chris
I will say, this place is not for the faint hearted nor for those who are counting their pennies.  The beautiful decor items such as exquisite silk area rugs, high end fabrics and tailor made furniture also carry a hefty price tag.  But if you can afford to dream, dream big and go to Designers Walk!  

Robert Allen Fabrics are always in style

The backdrop adds drama and shows off the colourful fabrics beautifully. My favourite fabric in this vignette are the lavish cushions on each end of the sofa.  The pink crushed velvet damask motif layered over the cobalt blue is just stunning.

Occasional chairs upholstered in Robert Allen
With so many patterns to choose from, this may just be the place to visit when seeking inspiration for your next decorating project.  Be sure to bear in mind the 'scale' of a pattern in comparison to where you want to apply it.  For example, if you're selecting a pattern for re-upholstering a small stool and choose one large motifs, it is likely not going to be shown in it's entirety.

Draperies in this living room add a burst of colour with large scaled print
Bedding and draperies can take larger prints (as above draperies) that can be appreciated without looking too 'busy'.   It all depends on the look you want to create.  

Some smaller swatches are available for you to take with you for reference

Mood boards that offer inspiration for mixing and matching colours and patterns

The showroom of Robert Allen does not disappoint.  It has not only plenty of gorgeous fabrics but also offers a vast array of trims, tassells, beading's and more.  This makes the possibilities of what you can do with your cushions, bedding and  window treatments literally limitless.

The wall of endless trims!!

Hardware for your draperies

Large tassells to tie back your curtains the traditional way
The soft and shimmering white, silver and grey tones.  Love the tassel as an accessory!

More fabulous furniture covered in Robert Allen fabrics
Designers Walk is open to the trade only and this is just a snippet from the many buildings that are there for you to visit.  If you are looking for an design professional to take you there for a shopping trip to style your home or office, contact me and we can make a day of it.  I can help make your dreams for your space a reality.

Have you been to Designers Walk?  Let me know, I'd love to hear about your visit!

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