Thursday 23 May 2013

Client Living and Dining Room - Before and After

At my first meeting with client Anne Marie, we discussed what she and her husband Dan did not like about their main living areas.  Anne Marie explained that they wished to bring the room up to date with many new furnishings, yet still incorporate older pieces that were personal to them.  

Living Room Before
The idea of colour made them nervous which is why they always played it safe with browns and neutrals. Anne Marie told me she was overwhelmed by it all and not sure where to start, so when she found me on facebook she decided to contact me for professional advice.  

Dining Room Before
These feelings are understandable and common for many people.  So how did I help them put the pieces of this puzzle together to achieve the designer look they desired while personalising their space? It all started with a picture...

Sorry for the blurry photograph, I took this one!
The above is a painted picture of a forested area close to where Dan grew up.  It was the one item that they  wanted to keep in the space, so naturally it became my jumping off point.  From here, I sourced fabrics suitable for their tastes that incorporated similar greens and blues in patterns that worked with a style they were comfortable with for their space. 

What a difference!  And my clients both love it.  Yay, I love when we are all happy!
The current paint colour worked well with the fabrics and finishes that I was sourcing so re-painting was not necessary. However, I did recommend painting an accent wall to show the beauty of their lovely fireplace.  It's much more defined and definitely the focal point of the room.

 In the dining room we took out the old styled buffet with the mirrored glass cabinet and bought this stunning sideboard that ties in with the two end chairs from the table.  The over sized round mirror makes the room even brighter and Anne Marie says that people comment on it even before they walk through the front door!

The scale of the sideboard can support this large mirror that is 42" in diameter.
Chair fabric -repeated on custom made table runner
Oranges and Blues so pretty!

I'd love to know what you think of this latest makeover, my clients and their dog 'Riggs' love it!

Riggs, named after Mel Gibson's character in Lethal Weapon.
If you want to fall in love with your space, please contact me - I can help make your dreams a reality.

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