Wednesday 14 November 2012

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bedroom is almost always the last room in the house that we get around to decorating, if at all.  Why is this?  The majority of us -me included - tend to focus our efforts on the more commonly used rooms within the home.  In doing so we neglect the one place that we can escape to after a long day to seek solace and peacefulness from our undeniably busy lifestyles.  
What fabulous dreams I would have in this cosy boudoir!

Some of the key elements to consider when putting together a plan for the bedroom is storage needs; lighting requirements and the overall feel that you desire from your private space. The following two rooms are Ikea designs and if you don't know by now,  Ikea offers some fabulous ideas when it comes to storage solutions for any room in the home.  
From 2010 Ikea catalogue
Charcoal Gray with deep purple hues are a great combination

Here are some more ideas in various colours & styles to get you 'in the mood' for bedroom design.

Classy and Contemporary - Gray monochromatic design with simple, organic accents
I originally saved this photo below because of the subtle lead edge detail on the window treatments, but I found it so soft and calming that I wanted to include it to show you in my bedroom post!


Similar to the colours used in the above photo, but more patterns have been incorporated into this space.

These next two rooms have more of a cottagey and cosy feel that also makes them inviting & bright.

It would be nice to have a bedroom like this in your home, never mind a cottage house!
If you are lucky enough to have a stone fireplace anywhere in your home, it is a great place to pull your colour palette from and make this stunning feature the focal point of the space.  Window treatments add softness and always finish off a room nicely. 
Of course, I am loving the soft purple accents added to this space
Although this room above has a panelled ceiling and walls, painting them white provides a look that is both fresh and bright. The plaid patterned carpet is indicative of a casual, cottage style but because the hues are subtle and not the typical dark cottage colours, it gives a more updated and refined look.

Now for something a little more stylish with a bit of richness, warmth and bling...
Totally sophisticated and oh so warm.
Although I don't find this bedroom pictured below particularly warm and cosy like some of the others, there is something about it that I am very much drawn to.  I love the dark curtained wall behind the bed, without it the room would look quite stark - at least from the angle in which the picture has been taken.   To me this space is simple and pretty.  

Love how the unique light fixture silhouettes nicely against the backdrop of the rich brown draperies.

Which bedroom design most inspires you?

If you have a desire to update your bedroom or any other room in your home, contact me today and I can help make your dreams for your home a reality.  Please send me an e-mail at: or click here to go directly to the contact page on my website, enter your details and I'll contact you for a free half hour initial consultation.  


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