Tuesday 2 October 2012

Thanksgiving table decorating ideas and more

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year.  Reconnecting with friends & family as well as sharing memories and making new ones, reminds us about what matters most in life.   It is also the ideal opportunity to decorate your ~delicious decor~ in fabulous fall fashion.
This vignette encompasses many organic and textural details that I love about fall decor

Make a Grand Entrance

Your front door and porch is where you welcome your guests and set the tone for what they can expect once inside. So be wary, the more lavish the design and details, the higher the expectations may be for their Thanksgiving meal!
So many ideas here, it's all in the details.
For example, notice the differences in the way these front porches are decorated?  In the above vignette there are various decorative items. Overall it feels very cosy and inviting.  
Whereas the porch below is more simplistic yet meticulous in the details of the design.  Note the neatly placed golden apples above the door, the carefully painted and displayed pumpkins as well as the attractive ornament on the front door.    
Great contrast with the black and white.
It's not to say that one is better than the other, but just different and often indicative of ones personality as well as their decor style.  I personally prefer the first one, with its many textures and natural look with the leaves scattered on the porch. But the second one is pretty too!
Setting the Table

Once your guests walk through the front door, why not wow them with some of these fun and fabulous decorating ideas for dressing up your table. 
Spray paint pumpkins white to play down and modernise your colour palette
The leaves on the creamy napkins are a nice touch
These florals work on a buffet table, not so much for the actual dining table though.
This boxed display is so warm and festive.

It's all in the details...
Glass vases and jars are aways great accessories.
What would a posting of mine be without including some marvellous mason jars?!
These mason jars above appear to be painted in rich warm colours that complement the flowers and berries within them.  There are so many ideas for repurposing these little wonders, they really are handy to keep extras of them around the house.  See this post where I showed you how they could be used for wedding decor as well.

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