Friday 12 October 2012

Paint it Black...Paint It Like New!

One of my lovely sponsors for the 'Delicious Room Makeover' contest was Burlington based company Paint It Like New.  If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you probably already know that I am a big fan of theirs.  Owner Janet Hamilton stands for all that I believe in when it comes to upcycling and repurposing items for home and office decor.

Painted Pew for sale at Paint It Like New!
Painting an old piece of furniture is not a new concept but I can tell you that it is still very much on trend in the world of interior design.  If you are looking for a change, the easiest and most cost efficient way to transform either a piece of furniture or an entire room is to use paint.

To celebrate Halloween, Paint It Like New are currently offering an extra 10% off anything sprayed in their 'custom black' until the end of October.  Janet says "Painting an inexpensive piece black, instantly makes it look more expensive" and I agree!  To prove it, here are some before and after pictures of items sprayed black at their shop.

Great for the entryway or as an alternate to chairs at a kitchen table.

Love the curves on this piece.

Drum side table
Looks like new!

If you don't have something that you can paint, visit second hand stores like Value Village, the Salvation Army or Reuse centres.  Alternatively, click here to see the 'Upcycle' section on the Paint It Like New website where you can pick your own piece and customise the colour to suit your decor.

Don't limit your choices to just wood and wicker pieces, brass items can be sprayed too. Check out this classic yet modern light fixture Janet just had done for her new home.

Fast forward and use your imagination to visualise how items will look once done and in your home...

Neutral hallway with hits of black
 And here is a headboard freshly sprayed in custom black...

I found this bedroom photo with a black headboard that totally pops off the wall and looks amazing!!

The black painted headboard is the star of the show in this bedroom
Thank you to Paint It Like New for sponsoring my contest and congratulations to Kris who was our third place winner of the $100 gift card towards spray painting services!  Email Janet at for a free estimate if you have something that you would like to have sprayed and added to your ~delicious decor~.

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  1. Love this post - will have to check out Paint It Like New as I live in Burlington!

  2. After following your blog, I decided to repaint several pieces of antique furniture & a mirror. BUT because I don't live close to Burlington, I opted to go through a local business (farther down the Niagara peninsula) who also do repainting, as I had seen some lovely items in their shop. Long and short of it is, I am quite disappointed in the end result, especially small waterfall dresser. There are several areas where paint has run, paint missing on the legs, cracks not filled & sanded, (despite having paid for repairs). Seems I have wasted $600, which was a stretch for my budget to start with. Now I am wishing I had listened to Claire in the first place and brought my items to Paint it Like New!!

  3. Ah! So sorry to hear about your bad experience. Paint It Like New is fabulous at what they do and it's so important to take items to a reputable company. Have you tried to approach them to see if they can find a solution?