Tuesday 18 September 2012

Linda Reeves Farmhouse, Princess Margaret Hospital

This past weekend I had the pleasure of touring the stone Farmhouse in Oakville which is the main prize in the Princess Margaret Lottery to help conquer cancer.  The home was in part designed by Linda Reeves who was our personal guide for the tour of this exquisite $4.3 million home.
I did enjoy the decor and design of the house, although I would've preferred a few more window treatments and cozy area rugs. Overall there was a nice mix of both high and mid end  finishes ranging from Ralph Lauren to Ikea.  I will let the pictures do most of the talking on this one. Enjoy!

The Herringbone pattern was prevalent throughout the home

No big fridge in this kitchen, just pull out drawer fridges.  The main fridge was in the Butlers' pantry.

This wall unit was repainted and fit the space perfectly.  I believe its' value is around $30,000.

Gorgeous black windows on the main floor provided a dramatic contrast against neutral walls.

One of the only rooms to actually be painted a colour rather than a neutral.

The cabinet looks like a piece I sold to 'Paint it Like New' that they finished in a similar way!

Here the Chevron pattern makes an appearance on the accent pillows.

More Chevron...

These doors slide all the way across to make an extremely wide opening.

Wow, Linda is really tall...or I'm really short. Maybe a bit of both!
I did enjoy this urban farmhouse with it's organic feel and subtle colour palette.  I loved the patterns used not only for the fabrics but also in the tiles and flooring.  Lots of stripes, chevrons and herringbone! 

If I was lucky enough to win the house I would need to fill up some of the negative wall space with more wall art as well as incorporate some additional soft furnishings.  But the final reveal and design gets a thumbs up from me!
What do you think, would you like to call this farmhouse your home?
To buy a ticket for your chance to win and to donate for a great cause, visit the website here.


  1. Thanks for the tour! I have booked to see Lynda Reeves give a free overview of the Dream Kitchen at the end of October. I kinda agree with you that some warming up with fabrics would help but will wait until I actually see the home.

    NB in Burlington, ON

  2. Oooh! Sounds exciting, it will be nice to get some more details on the kitchen design. Thoughtful design ideas were used, especially in the choice of appliances that helped keep it very cleanlined and modern. Let me know what you think once you've had the overview. Thanks for your comment NB!