Tuesday 17 July 2012

Wonderful Weddings

Who doesn't love a wedding?  Obviously just the idea of all the pretty decor is enough to get me excited!   But next year I have a couple more reasons to look forward to a fantastic wedding.  Two of my best friends are marrying each other & I am so happy to be part of their special day.

So much excitement in the lead up to a wedding!

Depending on your budget, you can go over the top with wedding decor or keep things simple for your theme. Either way, just like a homes' delicious decor it should always be a reflection of the couple and how they wish to remember the big day. 

Jeff and Emily are getting married at an outdoor venue & there are many fabulous ways to beautify the event.  Let's start with some simple ideas I found for pretty seating decoration.

Inexpensive ribbons like this could tie in nicely with the accent colours.

More pretty decorative ribbons with a touch of green florals.

Often, less is more - and it doesn't mean less pretty by any means.

Soft petals provide a lovely border next to the seating area.

(hint to the bride & groom) I can start collecting little mason jars for something like this if you'd like..

Hydrangeas are definitely one of my favourite go to flowers.

The reception will be inside & the venue offers their own chair covers and other accents in various colours.  The usual ribbons draped over chair covers could look plain, but below this fabric appears to have many layers and thus adds more interest and finesse to the overall feel.

This picture has a beautiful backdrop that adds to the vignette nicely.

Why should the ladies be the only ones getting dressed up and having all the fun?  The chairs can make just as much of a statement as those sitting in them! 

These seat covers are glamorous with a soft texture and flow.

What would a wedding be without fantastic florals?

Tulips in fresh green and white

Emily has mentioned that she might prefer centrepieces that are tall so guests can easily see through them to converse with others seated at the table.  What do you think of these ones?

A lovely full bouquet of mixed florals

These are a bit more wild and take up a lot of negative space but look gorgeous all the same

Oh, and these mason jars just keep popping up! 

These floral arrangements offer a more casual and relaxed feel.

Just like in home decor, lighting is everything...

I love how these shimmering candles adorn the edge of the head table.
For the signing table, here's a striking vignette with an antique and organic feel.

I just love this idea (below).  What a great and unique way to help your guests find their seating for the reception.

A unique way to help your guests find their seats - a rustic and re-purposed window pane!

Hopefully there was something to inspire anyone organising for an upcoming wedding or for any event you may be planning yourself in the near future.  I hope to be a big part of helping my friends with fabulous decor ideas to reflect their personalities for this special occasion next year.  Don't forget, it's all in the details!!

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  1. I am such a lucky bride to be! I can't help but get excited about my wedding with you around Claire! I am so lucky to have such an amazing and talented friend like you. I love you so much! I also love the mason jars!! (and everything else). I was just saying to Jeff the other day that I really like the antique feel! haha xoxo

  2. Thanks Emily for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I can't wait until we get closer to the date when the little details come together, you know I will be there to help you every step of the way. xo