Sunday 29 July 2012

Sarah Richardson - Top Ten room designs

As Canadians, we should be very proud of the remarkable Interior designers we can call our own. Sarah Richardson is just one of my favourites who has branded herself very well with her various TV shows.  She also keeps busy with her growing collection of signature product lines including indoor and outdoor furnishings and her own colour collection with Para Paints.

One of the things I love about Sarah is her incredible ability to mix and match patterns within a space.  The scale, colour & designs of patterns she combines always complement one another - even if at first glance the swatches can sometimes seem a bit busy or questionable. In the end, her choices always look fabulous.

Just look at all the various patterns she's mixed so well here.
I recently added Sarah to my Pinterest Board titled 'You inspire Me'.  Although I (like 99.9% of all other professional decorators) am not entirely happy at how easy she makes my job look in a half hour TV show, it's her passion, creative ideas and personality that inspires me.

Without further ado, here are my top ten picks from Sarah Richardson Designs that I find flawless and stunning.

1)  Sarah's Living Room

Relaxing living room with pretty splashes of colour and fantastic flow.

2) These next 2 rooms are from my 'Look Book' that I sometimes show to clients to get a feel for what they like and don't like.  Everyone always loves the look of these designs.

Soft furnishings in a contemporary setting.
A simple but lovely tablescape design

3)  Serene bedroom in blue grays.

Sarah loves small stools and benches, she includes them in almost all of her room designs.
4) Bright bedroom with a funky headboard and colourful accent wall.

Sarah loves to reupholster head boards and why not, when they can look this good?!!
5) Sarah's cottage kitchen

Sarah often paints second hand furniture to give an item that 'new style meets old world feeling' that I love so much. In the above photo of her cottage kitchen, she's used old wooden boards and incorporated them into her kitchen cabinetry.  The painted green bench and rustic table are great additions to this space that really help give it the 'cottagey feel'.

6) Lovely living room with a soft colour palette

Another fabulous room to find inspiration
7)  Beautiful Bathroom

This particular photograph focuses in on exquisite finishes

8) This dining room is kept bright and light with the large windows and massive mirror

Not my specific style, but I appreciate this dining room design

9)  Living Room

A subtle and a seemingly effortless design

10) Cottage living room, such beautiful view - inside and out.

Casual Blues and whites on the water, suitable choices for the cottage!
Sarah frequently searches antique markets and consignment stores for secondhand treasures just waiting to be reclaimed into her stunning designs.  Here is a picture of her and sidekick Tommy Smythe at a Christies Spring Antique Show.

If you want to see more great room designs from Sarah check out her gallery of photographs in the portfolio section on her website:

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  1. Love Sarah as well and what she and Tommy do in 30 minutes (ha ha) is amazing!

    One of my favourites is her Cottage - the great room and the kitchen with adjoining lounge and dining room!

    All of Canada should be very proud of her work,

    NB in Burlington

  2. Hey NB, thanks for sharing your favourite design of Sarah's. Her cottage was gorgeous. It was so hard to choose just ten designs, I could've easily made it more! Cheers for your comment!