Friday 24 February 2012

Why more than one Accent wall can be boring

When considering what colours to use in a space it can be daunting  to decide on a bold hue or wild wallpaper pattern for an entire room.  Over the years accent walls have become a popular way to add hits of colour to a home's decor, but knowing when to use this application is key to getting it done right without going overboard.  

I am loving this room
This week I met with a previous client for a colour consultation in her new home. She just bought a gorgeous rustic styled house in the country and wanted help deciding on colours for her main floor.  She is not afraid of colour (yay!) and was thinking of a dark hue in her dining room/entry way.

I suggested Mysterious AF565 by Benjamin Moore for an accent wall to give her the fix she was looking for.  One reason I advised going with an accent wall rather than painting the entire room that colour is because it  would've been too dark when we considered all the other elements within this space -the major consideration being the lack of natural light. 

This is the only accent wall that I recommended during the consultation and this is the reason why:

Wall Colour Mysterious adds gorgeous drama to any space

Although accent walls are a fantastic way to add drama and create a focal point in a room, if repeated more than once within your main living space the concept can lose its appeal quite quickly. I have been in homes where every room in the house has had an accent wall. The first time you see this it's fun and interesting but after the third room it becomes tiresome and for me, a disappointment.

What little girl wouldn't like a splash of pink in her room?
Kids bedrooms (and more private rooms in general) are a different story and you could get away with having a wall highlighted in each of these rooms if you really wanted to.  Afterall, it's often the case that if you do something for one child, chances are your going to have to do it for the others too!

This unique accent wall adds a rustic coziness to an otherwise modern plain room.
The thought of having one bold colour or wallpaper print on all your walls for long periods of time can seem like a lifetime commitment that you may not be ready to make.  If this is the case for you then going with an accent wall could be the way to go.

If you love surrounding yourself in colour then why not paint all 5 walls (the 5th being the ceiling) in a hue you love and makes you feel happy?  I dare you!  If your a bit more on the conservative side remember that there are other ways to inject life into a rooms design.  With the current colour trends options are limitless for colourful accessories, patterned draperies, painted furniture, funky rugs- the list goes on. 

So what about you, have you got an accent wall in your home?  Some people think that accent walls have been overdone and are old news, what do you think?  I'd love to have you share your thoughts on this topic.

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