Wednesday 30 January 2013

Wonderful White Bathrooms

All bathrooms should include a bit of glamour and be gorgeous, don't you think?  I am currently working on a bathroom design for clients which has me sourcing ideas for flooring, a shower with a bench and cabinetry styles.  I have found some fabulous pictures for inspiration and I thought it would be rude not to share my findings with you thus far.

We are going with a ceramic tile that looks like Walnut which will be lighter than the flooring shown above.

I've recommended a cabinet or open shelving unit in the corner on top of the vanity so we don't waste precious space. I like the idea of open shelving and the details of the trim in this picture above are lovely and soft. However, one thing to consider is that while open shelves may look great with items neatly organised, in reality a cabinet with a door may be a more practical option.  It all depends on how tidy your are-sorry to burst the bubble, just keeping it real!

The openness under the cabinets with pretty legs add a feminine touch.

This is a clean looking cabinet with a solid toe kick at the bottom.
The option under the cabinetry here gives you a toe kick plus legs = style without the dust bunnies on show.
I also love this picture above for the mirrored cabinets which keep the space feeling open and light.

Which one is your favourite?

If your thinking of renovating a bathroom this year, do your homework first as there are so many options for cabinet styles, flooring, lighting, hardware, faucets and other fixtures.  You also want to be sure that the bathroom goes with the flow of your homes' overall decor style. If you want some advice on how to put it all together, contact me and I would be happy to make your dreams for your home a reality.


  1. Love white bathrooms - having expensive taste on an economy budget is a problem - have you ever worked with Ikea cabinets and if so, recommend or pass? NB

  2. I have used Ikea cabinetry for kitchens and although it's no secret that they are not necessarily the best quality, they can look fantastic and are more economical than going with custom cabinetry. When it comes to Ikea, I like to use their products sparingly in a space. Some of their accessories and storage options are fabulous.

    As with any great design, mixing new/old elements as well as high end and second hand items is key to making the entire space look carefully put together and not store bought or generic.

    Thanks for your question NB!