Tuesday 12 June 2012

Pretty Patios for Summer

With summer just around the corner, tis' the season of wining & dining on the patio -woo hoo! I truly admire & appreciate the look of a well put together garden patio design.  Mine never seems to be quite as glamorous (or as tidy) as I'd like it to be, but each year we are slowly making progress. If I had my way, we would have a separate space at the end of our yard that looked like this....

Pottery Barn - Organic greens and muted yellows are a great combination for a fresh feel.

Whether it be at home or at the cottage, with so many ways to give your patio a personality, there are no more excuses for dull and uninspiring outdoor settings. 

Ceramic Garden Stools are one of the many fabulous & functional accessories to choose from when searching for summer decor.  They are available in different patterns, an abundance of colours and can vary considerably in pricing depending on where you choose to shop.

If you can, I suggest purchasing more than one for your outdoor space.
These garden stools are versatile pieces that can be used in various spaces.  To get the most bang for your buck,  purchase stool styles that will work with your interior decor as well as your outdoor colour scheme. This way you can appreciate them year round and changing things up often means that you will be less likely to tire of your decor.

I like how the lazy lying pillows relax the look of the room

Depending on where you reside,  your outdoor living space may not have as much greenery as you would like.  Potting large plants and trees will help fill the void of this missing natural element required to transform your space into a dreamy oasis. 

Imagine how sterile and cold this rooftop would look without all the beautiful greenery that brings it to life.

Lighting is also a 'must have' and plays a big part in completing the look of any living area.  In the above photograph the soft glow from the candles exudes a feeling of warmth and coziness.  Here are some more pictures that I was drawn to that utilise simple and decorative lighting ideas.

Oh how I love the look of Pottery Barn

These lights remind me of little honey bee hives.

I snapped some pictures of lanterns I saw at the Aberfoyle market this past weekend.  They could be included in your design to give an industrial or rustic edge to your look - either inside or out.

Below (left), this pair of metal trellis's were also up for grabs at the market. All you would need to do is rub them down gently, paint them in your desired colour and add a quick climbing plant. Easy, peasy!

I also found a metal bird bath - the perfect invitation to getting more wildlife to visit your garden.

We just adore having feathered friends around.

So, what are you doing to your backyard to make it look more pretty this year? We've purchased  maple trees & will be planting them Saturday.  The trees will fill up some of the space left by a neighbour who last summer cut down a lovely 40 year old tree (grrr...) that bordered our property.  We've never planted trees, so if you have any advice - it would be much appreciated!

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